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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Seattle New Year

The day after Christmas, Nova and I headed out to Seattle to meet up with Charlie and May.
Reunion!  When we parted ways six months ago, Milenka was just getting her city slicker bearings.  We had a great time with her as our Ballard tour guide.
Dale, Adam and friends helped Milenks and I ring in the new year. Hitting a Capitol Hill dance club was the perfect way to ring in 2011.
Broke up our time in the city with three soul refreshing nights in Willapa Bay where Mike and Ann have an airstream trailer.  Very impressed with the trail systems out there.  Lots of good walking and way cool sea side eating and shopping outposts.
Charlie, May, Nova and I hunkered down in our own trailer across the way.  
Nice to get caught up with family.  Being back on the west coast felt reeeeaal good! Mike and Ann were gracious hosts to us at their coastal sanctuary.
Nova is transformed when she hits the beach.  She proudly tells me she still has "sand in her scalp" from her wind storm trance-dance.
  Oh how I have missed the ocean. I am completely in love with being on the Pacific.  
 Speaking of being completely in love.... :)
 Fun to watch Emma and Willa enjoy their time away from the concrete jungle.
 They are really beautiful to watch running wild and free!
 May-May and Nova Rose.... "Criss cross, apple sauce, double weave, if you please!"
 Looking forward to more time with family and friends on the west side come summer.