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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Last few months (kind of randomly put together)

Shawn and his high school friend Joe DeSimone steal their daughter's scooters. Dorks. :)
 Nova and Gabby, Joe's daughter, on one of Lake Montebello's exercise stations.
 Trish and Dave took us to the strip of row houses in Hampden where they go all out with lights.
 Hundreds of people are allowed to mill through the streets and up on some of the porches.  This is where Shawn spent New Year's Eve while I was in Seattle.  Apparently it gets pretty wild.
 Trish and Dave have been the best Baltimore tour guides EVER! Love you guys. xo
 Really amazing sculpture and lights.  Plus I seriously love row houses.... all that old brick and so skinny!
 Nova's first Christmas in Baltimore was a big deal for Shawn's parents.  They pulled out all the stops.
Blow-up Harley Santa in front yard.... Shawn leads Nova up to the house blindfolded.
I have never seen so many presents for one person in all my life.  
 Operation Shock and Awe was a success.  Thanks Gail and Denny for Nova's first Baltimore Christmas!
Our house on Willoughby road.  We live 5 minutes across the city line, in the county.  Boring but safe.
This is Nova's best friend Olivia. She lives two doors down.  Double Rock park is two blocks away and provides a little respite from suburbia.
Halloween on Lyndale Avenue. Nova and her grandma await the onslaught armed with candy.  
 Nova with Lyndale friends Rachel and Danielle.
 Baltimore is a crafty place.  During the holidays there are weekly local artisan markets.  This one was held in an old church.
 We thought it would be fun to go to a sock monkey making workshop.  When we arrived we were surprised to find HUNDREDS of people sewing button eyes onto socks.  I liked this guy's sock monkey outfit.

 The American Visionary Art Museum won't let you take photos of their amazing exhibits inside but you can snap shots of the outdoor sculptures.
This has become one of our favorite places.
 We met our friend Joyanne Bloom from Juneau at the museum one day.  We had fun Joyanne!
 Giant mirror egg.  Cool.
Along with the constant sunshine, I am really enjoying the fact that there is plenty to do and see in this area.  More to come. :)