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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Alternative to Facebook post

I've fallen behind on blogging and I blame it on Facebook.  Many of the following photos were already posted there.  A couple of you (Carolyn and May) have requested more from the blog. So here is a hodge-podge of photos and captions to get you caught up.

 Monday night lights....
One of our nightly weekday walks to the park spawned this little photo shoot.  I'm showing Nova some moves on the bleachers.  Can't tell if that's a look of admiration or something else.

Dale and I got a wild hair and decided to try out for the Amazing Race in Portland.  They cut off the casting call line at least 500 people in front of us.  The upside was, we got to spend the day with Dan and Alyx which was even better!
 Dale at Stumptown.  
In Portland we had a beer with Seth at his fine establishment, North Bar, and got to meet his lady-love Gina.  Really great trip.  Good to see Milenkies and Seattle crew too.

Back in B-more Trish took me to my first roller derby.
 Once long night at the local watering hole I was dead set on trying out and becoming the next Charm City Roller Girl.... We tried out burly names for hours.
 See that stretcher in the background?  They use it.
 Trish is my Baltimore BFF and is a nursing superstar.  She just finished her masters program. I am proud of her and like to brag about her whenever possible.

Shawn's dad bought a cabin in Pennsylvania.  Nova, Shawn and I went up to check it out one weekend.  Was nice to hear the quiet and breath fresh air.

Nova turned 9 in May!  Here's Shawn's dad (Pop) introducing Nova to her sweet new ride!
 Nova wanted her party to be at the park down the street (Sandy Beach style).  Per tradition we got a giant COSTCO cake (want some cake with your frosting?) and did the customary treasure hunt.  Super fun! :)

My massage cohort volunteered at Oakcrest, a retirement community.  It was really inspiring to work on older clients.   
 The photo above and below were taken by a Baltimore Sun photographer and were featured in a story in the paper.  This resident, like all those we met that day, were very appreciative.  I enjoyed talking with them. I'd love to look into doing work like this when I'm finished with the program.

We went to Bethany Beach, Delaware over spring break.  It's an easy three hour drive from Baltimore.
 It was great to get out of the city and get some salt, sand and sun in our bones.
 We padded barefoot between our 70's style hotel on the boardwalk and our beach umbrella for three glorious days.
 Nova looking for her next good wave.

Whew!  From hats and scarves to beachwear.... think we're pretty much caught up now.  :)  More soon. xo