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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New York Friendstravaganza

My third week on the east coast and west side friends converge to hold loneliness at bay.  I spent four fabulous days in New York City (first time ever) with Our Lady of Hearty Laughs and Sophistication, Christina.  While there I also met up with Miss. Pennikins of Ketchikan fame and then was greeted at B-more's Penn Station by none other than Laydles and Luke from Juneau.

Christina and I stayed in a swanky hotel right next to grand central station.  It was so fancy in fact that I was too embarrassed to take photos of the lobby, which I now regret.  Fifteen bucks for oatmeal, who knew?!

People-watching aplenty.  I could have done this all day long.  Oh wait, I DID do this all day long!  I don't know any of these folks but I liked what they had goin' on.

Hula-Hoop girl was all about posing for this.
The subway was rank and filthy and stiflingly sweaty-hot and I loved it.
Maybe if I take a photo of these cute french boys in the window they won't know it.
Everything consumed was delicious.  We ate at a place called Raoul's http://www.raoulsnyc.com/ and were seated in a glassed atrium/courtyard through the kitchen.  Tres cool.
Here is the french menu and Christina looking a little french herself I think.  

I couldn't believe the natureyness of central park in the middle of all the cityness.  I've given up on eloquence here.  What can you say that hasn't been said already?  NYC and it's landmarks are so renowned and well described.  I definitely felt a sense of familiarity despite having never been.  In the end I landed on.... It is everything and more.

Singing group taking advantage of  amazing acoustics.

 Taking the Staten Island ferry to see Lady Liberty was another fave.

Everything is better from the water.
I would describe the architecture as iconic, intricate and dizzying.  I happily came away from this trip with a crinky neck and very sore feet.

Pictures of people taking pictures.  Good song by the way.... http://jackjohnsonmusic.com/music/detail/to_the_sea/

Until we meet again NYC.
And great to come home to a short but sweet visit from Juneau friends....
Piglet and Pooh, together again.