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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We celebrated my new friend Trish's birthday last week at the Fullerton Bingo Hall, not far from our home.

Shawn and I arrived a little late.  The hall was all florescent lighting and stale cigarette smoke.  Rows of lunch room tables seated true blue bingo matrons.  It was DEAD SILENT except for the squish of the daubers and the caller's spectral voice.

It is advisable to stock up on drinks and snacks cause bingo moves fast.
That's Dave, Trish and Becky.  Shawn went to Frostburg with these three. 
My usual chatty antics are not appropriate in this venue.  Bingo is serious in these parts.  With single card winnings up to $350 I can see why.


Not serious.

This friendly lady let me document her dauber cozies.  I had no idea there were bingo accoutrement!

Here's the birthday girl.  One stamp away!  Its devastating to be so close.  With every number you feel the tension building, knowing that soon someone will call BINGO!.... someone that IS NEVER YOU!  I got a little obsessed after three hours.

The whole lot of celebrants.

Thanks Trish for great birthday fun at the bingo hall!